Lindsey - Former Student

The Children’s Theatre Company pretty much set me up and prepared me for life. I didn't know it at the time at the age of around 8 when I was sitting in line to audition for a part. I always thought, man this is tough but at the end of the season after the show, it was always worth it. Words I live by now daily; it may be hard but its always worth it. The fact that at such a young age we held the responsibility of prepping, auditioning, practicing and performing is so amazing and couldn't have been a better program for my youth.

I still remember playing characters like Glinda in The Wiz, Smee in Peter Pan, Kim in Bye Bye Birdie and an orphan in Oliver. I find myself thinking of these memories often and as I approach the thoughts of starting a family, I know my kids will be involved in the future.

I am now 29. I graduated from HPHS is '05 and University of Illinois is '09. I am the Assistant Public Relations Manager at Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue as well as the CEO and Founder of Working Girl Inc. My memories and lessons from CTC will always remain with me and have molded me into the woman I am today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Raise the curtains because my story is only beginning!

Mariana Henriques - Recreation Manager

 Ladies, I wasn’t there, but now you know why this is my favorite program of all!!! Everything about it always made me so happy to be involved, and so proud of the kids, and Margo for their amazing commitment to each other, and the show. A good reminder as to why we do what we do. 

Hope you all had a great weekend! Congrats on another successful audition Margo, I can’t wait to see the cast list!

Matthew Rodin - Working Actor & Former Student

 Toothless Tevye. With no front teeth and a dream of being a ‘rich man’ - I was playing Tevye and I was 8 years old. It was that image that popped into my head right before I went on stage to make my professional debut this past fall. My dream was coming true, I was doing what I always wanted to do, and the only thing I could think about was my elementary self. I feel so lucky that my parents decided to let me be a part of children’s theater because it harnessed my passion and gave a pallet to creative imagination. It gave me the ability to explore a world that’s become my career path. At such a young age, I was working toward a specific goal with no pressure to be anything but the best I could be. It’s because of this philosophy that I’m now living in New York City, pursuing the dream that was fed and nurtured by Margo and Children’s Theatre Co.

Ximena - Mother



Wow! What an amazing show! I am so impressed with all the children and how wonderful they all performance. I loved your message about how acting can really help someone grow. And how it's about the journey. A big thank you for all that you do.


And I was so proud of James and Sophias performance this evening. They were outstanding. I appreciate the confidence and the opportunity that you have given to them. They love the theater!



Location Supervisor - Sherwood Elementary School

I spoke with one mom today who loved the show and was very impressed :) If

you are comfortable offering the class again  I'd love to have you back. Thanks to your instructor for offering a positive experience to the girls- I am so

glad it was well received

Adrea - Mother

Hi Margo,

I don't know how to thank you enough! Everything came together thanks to your passion and dedication to these kids. I think they all had a great time too.

Parents were telling me how great the show was at temple this morning.

Summer misses you already.


Julie - Mother

Dear Margo,
Thank you for working so well with Addison over the years. She truly loves your acting classes and all your sage acting advice. You do such a wonderful job with the children and we truly appreciate all your time and effort!

Program Director

Hi Margo,
Thanks for a really nice experience at the show. Sold out, big fun, happy parents and most of all happy children.
Margo, very clever how you have worked out the scene design and reading of lines to be pretty evenly distributed.
It seems like this partnership is off to a good start here and we look forward to many happy show experiences.
Sorry I had to zip off but I had a commitment to be elsewhere by 9:00pm and I hung out for a minute or two but felt bad I didn’t say goodbye.
Happy Holidays,

Beth Grosky - Marketing Manager at Jam Theatricals

Being a part of CTC (The Lake Forest Chidlren's Theatre)  from a young age, and being a part of theatre in general, made me who I am as a person. Theatre teaches you how to collaborate with your peers, work as a team, up your self-confidence and challenge you. I grew up as a very social person, but theatre allowed me to learn when to hold back in certain situations, and really helped me evaluate my surroundings. It made me more aware. Educationally, theatre allowed me to be a leader in group projects and a follower when I needed guidance from my peers. Actors learn to take direction very quickly, so I was always very attentive and responsive as a student in both small and large classroom settings. My career truly reflects how acting impacted my life from a young age. My passion for the arts is instantly noticed when my eyes light up about a topic related to theatre. Because of my training, I am an active listener, a quick thinker, and a dynamic force in the workplace. 

Katie Loprest - Professional Actress & Former Student

I would absolutely recommend CTC to young aspiring actors. I always tell young people that if acting is something they are interested in pursuing, they have to go out and find opportunities in their communities. How else do you learn? Another important thing CTC programs teach kids is responsibility. Even today, my career is my responsibility. If you want to be an actor, or anything for that matter, you have to learn to take care of yourself, show up on time, and do your work. Learning these skills in a fun, freeing environment is really formative. 


Marnie - Mother

Thank you for the note, Margo! Olivia really loves your musical theatre class and it makes me so proud and happy to hear that she participates well; she definitely is expressive (to put it mildly)! :)

I think we will likely stay in the Show Biz kids for another unit, as Olivia still naps in the afternoons and is usually sleeping at 4pm such that it might be difficult to get her to Young Performers on time. It definitely sounds like a fun class, however, when she is a little older and outgrows her nap.

We thank you for your commitment to the children and for making such a fun class for the kids to build their musical skills and confidence.

We hope that you have a wonderful day!

Marnie Navarro

Dedra Thomas - Mother

I spoke to you earlier and am following up as promised. My daughter Jahnaya Thomas who's now 12 years old was selected to perform at The Arts Talent Showcase in Hollywood next week. She will be showcasing in theater which includes acting, improving, cold reading, commercial and film. She will also be singing and dancing solo performances. As I was compiling Jahnayas resume, I had to call you and say thank you for providing the children's theater program at the Riverforest Community Center. This is where Jahnaya got her start in theater. Jahnaya was with the theater class for three years and in 2012 she played Ariel in Footloose, in 2013 she played Leila in Teen Beach Movie jr. And in 2014 she played Chad in High School Musical jr.  Jahnaya has since been in over ten musical theater productions such as Beauty and the Beast and Annie jr. Theater is her first love all thanks to the training your team gave her. She also does competition dance and voice but always theater is chosen first. 

Thank you again and keep up the program for the kids.

Amy - Mother

It was so wonderful to watch a Devyn on stage, she really lights up and looks right at home! My favorite was hearing her brothers tell me how impressed they were with her, they were blown away! 

Thanks again for all you do!

Jennifer Andre - Mother

Margo and Gabrielle,

Bravo on a wonderful Elf Jr performance!! 

I just have to say that Madison has been involved in several activities in her short 5 years, but this was BY FAR our favorite to-date!! The whole family enjoyed every single second of it. We cannot wait for the Hairspray show!

Thank you both so much for your patience, your dedication, and your love of theatre and for instilling it in our children. 

Happy holidays. See you in January! 

Julie Waltz - Mother

Hi! Thank you so much for yet another fabulous production! Autumn is really thriving with what you provide for her in your classes.

We are signing her up for Hairspray this Friday! And we are also signing her sister, Leilah up for the Little Red Hen. We cannot wait!

I would love a DVD order form, please.

And I would also love to learn more about the voice lessons that Gabrielle might offer

Thank you! Happy holidays 💜

Julie Waltz

Cathy Fiori, CPRP - Recreation Supervisor

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to wish you congratulations on an incredible show day. The students were so relaxed which directly reflects their confidence in their craft because of their experience working with all of you. I cant imagine how those parents must have felt seeing those performances, they were absolutely AMAZING. I hope you are feeling accomplished after all the HARD WORK you put into making this program what it is. Natalie parents kept commenting your organization and communication and the positive impact it made on their experience. Margo, Gabrielle and Vanessa, the connections you have made with those kids will stay with them for life. You have given them confidence and a creative outlet that they will carry with them. Please pass my gratitude on to Gabrielle as well.

Thank you for everything, I look forward to continuing to work with you!


Cathy Fiori, CPRP | Recreation Supervisor II